Lake Water Quality Improvement

Water used throughout Washington Park is recycled waste water from Denver Water.

In the fall of 2016 a new aerator pump was added to Grasmere Lake to raise oxygen levels. This change led to the relocation of one Solar Bee array to Smith Lake. There is now a solarbee array in each lake in Wash Park.

Medora Corporation SolarBees mixers:

“take advantage of the way water forms thin horizontal layers in all reservoirs. Utilizing solar power and highly efficient motor / mixing drive systems, the SolarBee® pulls in water at the desired depth from all corners of the basin providing effective mixing to a predetermined depth.  SolarBees are designed to operate 24 hours per day on solar power..”


Alan Polonsky, Environmental Analyst, Denver Department of Environmental Health has presented to FANS public meetings on several occasions and is a good resource for lake water quality issues.