Loop Road lane marking and signage

The initial Loop Road project is complete. The city has assured FANS that the results are a “work in progress” and that they will be studying usage patterns and adjust signage and markings as necessary.

A speed sensing sign was installed in November of 2017 near the recreation center. At our January FANS meeting we learned another sign, capable of storing speeds, will be installed on the other side of the park.

Some history of the project:

The city has been undergoing an extensive multi-year long study on improving the safety of the loop road within Washington Park. The project is currently planned to begin late spring or early summer 2017.

The entire final recommendations of the effort may be found below in Washington Park Loop Road Safety Planning FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS . The key recommendations includes new striping and signage (see sample image below) and removal of the parking spaces currently found along to loop road.

The January 11, 2017 General Meeting of FANS featured an update on the loop road project from the key players involved. In attendance were:

  • Scott Gilmore, Deputy Executive Director, Denver Parks and Recreation
  • Adrienne Burton, West Denver Parks Planner
  • Mark Tabor, Assistant Director of Park Planning

Notes of this meeting were provide by Tim McHugh of Fans: :

FANS Minutes-Jan. 11, 2017

Notes of this meeting were also provided by Adrienne Burton Park Planner.

2017-01-11_WP FANS Meeting Minutes - A Burton


Washington Park Loop Road Safety Planning FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS REPORT: