Japanese Beetles – February 2017 general meeting

On Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 our monthly meeting featured Horticulture Agent, Dan Goldhamer speaking about Japanese Beetles. (This meeting drew the largest crowd we’ve ever seen at our FANS meetings.) Mr. Goldhamer provided an informative and interesting presentation on the increasing challenges these pests are creating and mitigation efforts that are available.

While we are unable to publish his slides we are offering the following information for those unable to attend.

Key takeaways were:

  • Control varies dramatically depending on where the beetles are in the lifecycle
  • Traps are not recommended as they simply attract more beetles to your property
  • Removing beetles by hand may provide adequate protection for backyards
  • Help prevent spreading of pests within Colorado. Don’t take firewood into the mountains – get your firewood where you intend to burn
  • CSU Extension Service offers a very comprehensive fact sheet including advice on control methods

Mr Goldhamer referenced this lifecycle slide repeatedly in his presentation:

It can be found on University of Minnesota Extension Service article about Japanese beetle management in Minnesota.



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